Wider Fellowship
Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

Let us kindle the light in our circle.
Let it be the symbol of life and warmth in our being.
Let it reflect the light of our families and friends.
Let it reflect the light of all people in the world.

about us
The Wider Fellowship serves those who are unable to participate in the life of our regular congregations. Regardless of place of residence, the Wider Fellowship offers a spiritual home to all who are interested.

Whether you live in the Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world, the Wider Fellowship offers you inspiration to make your life richer. Being a Unitarian is a life philosophy and spiritual path open to people of many different views. Since many of us cannot take part in the life of our regular congregations, we participate in the life of the Wider Fellowship, where it is possible for us to find and keep regular contacts. Whether your reasons for not being able to go to a Unitarian Church, are those of health, distance or any others, the Unitarian fellowship is open to you!

Our life as a Unitarian community is guided by the principles adopted by the following principles of free thinking faith of Czech Unitarians:

1. Freedom of conscience and faith
2. Tolerance and understanding of others
3. Using critical reason in religion
4. Harmonious development of personality
5. Compassion, equality, and justice in human relations
6. Respect for dignity and worth of every person
7. Helping others and social responsibility
8. Respect for life and nature
9. Democratic way of organization

Please learn more about Unitarian principles and Unitarians on the website of the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians. We will be happy to share more with you about Unitarian spirituality, history, way of life, and any other areas that might be of interest to you.
We invite you to join any of our programs mentioned on the Czech page.

We offer programs in various cities of the Czech Republic.  If you visit our programs, most likely you will meet people there who speak fluently English. You may also visit the Sunday service in the English language our Unitarian English services in Prague.
support us
You can support the idea of a free faith in the following ways:

Help us create a forum to discuss Unitarian programs and principles. Help us organize a lecture or other program. Contact us — we will be happy to talk to you about organizing a debate, lecture or other program.

Join Us
By becoming a member, you will support an ideal of a free spiritual path. Members will receive a monthly newsletter with a wealth of inspiration and information about our programs and activities.

Tell Your Friends About Us
Help us so that Unitarianism becomes a free spiritual path for more people.

You can make a donation to us by a bank money transfer:
Bank account: 224327838/0300 CZK

IBAN: CZ15 0300 0000 0002 2432 7838


Bank name: Československá obchodní banka, in Prague, Czech Republic.
Office of the Wider Fellowship
Karlova 8
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Rev. Dr. Petr Samojský
Chair of the Board of Directors
Josef Musil


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